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Meri peechali kahania “Sasural main saalay ki newly wed wife ki chudai” aur “Gonda Ki Gand” ka acha response milne par main aapke samne pesh kar rah huin Lucknow ki story. Last kahani main aapne padha ki hum log train se lucknow ja rahe thay. Ye kahani wahin lucknow ki hain. Jinke yahan par hum gaye thay. Wahan mera phir jana hua aur phir :-

Savita Talking over phone : “Khus Raho !! Anil ! Acha ?? Parso aa rahe ho lucknow exam ke liye. Theek hai main Bhaiya ko bata doongi…”
Savita telling Ashok watching TV that “Parso Anil aa raha hai aapke Mama ka ladka, kuch exam dena hai ushe.”
Ashok in reply to that says “ Theek hai main pintu ko bhej donga station vo ushe le aayega”.

Anil in bathroom opening the door Calling “Bhabhi !! Bhabhi !! Towel de do”
Anil thinking in Bathroom all wet after bath “ Aray Koi reply nahin, lagta hai bhabhi neeche khana bana rahi hai”
Anil total nude taking Towel from the room and Bhabi watching him total nude from the staircase watching inside the room and thinking “ohh he has a big dick than my husband” and smiles.
Anil inside the bathroom again and drying himself totally nude.
Turns back and found bhabhi sitting behind the curtain on western toilet and pissing. He screamed by removing the curtain and seeing bhabhi saadi upside till pussy and watching her sexy legs saying “Sorry bhabhi, the door was open so I got inside”. Bhabhi replying “I thought you finished your bath and was inside the room, so I came here for toilet and this stupid door has some problem from yesterday. I have asked bhaiya to get it repaired”
Anils run out of the Bathroom.
Bhabhi again looked Anil nude and his 8” tight dick inside the room from the staircase thinking “This horny dick is driving me crazy” Anil thinking “ Bhabhi is hot and wished for fucking him harder in background in doggy style”

Episode 3 :

Bhabhi and Anil sitting in sofa and taking Breakfast. Bhabhi Telling to Anil that “ Bhaiya called here and said he might have to leave form lucknow tomorrow morning to Indore for some important official work and will be returing back on next Saturday. So, when have you planned for going back.”
Anil replied “ I have one exam on Sunday and another on Tuesday, thus I will be returning back on Wednesday and I have got my Railway ticket already booked for the same”
Bhabhi said “ Please stay here for some more time till Saturday and get your new ticket on Sunday after cancelling the Ticket you have booked on Tuesday. As I will be totally alone because next week Pintu is also going to village for coming full next week from Monday onwards as there is marriage among their relatives and friends.”
Bhabhi Continued “ Don’t be worried about the resrevation that bhaiya will get it done from their VIP quota and If at all you are fixed about your plan then I have to go to my mother’s house in lucknow buit can’t leave this house unlockled as there is cases of theft here. So someone should be there at home, Or I could have called someone from my home but there is no one avialbale for coming and staying here for two three days.”
Anil answered with “ Yes, but let me talk to parents and inform about coming on next Monday”.
Bhabhi Says “ Don’t worry about that also bhaiya will talk to Mama ji for that and inform about it if at all he gets the confirmation for going tomorrow morning by today afternoon between 2-3 PM.”
Anil confirmed with OK for that. Then Anil asked sorry for the bathroom incident to bhabhi but bhabhi smiled back and relaxed him by saying “ Relax !! Don’t worry about that its just because of that door. Let bhaiya and Pintu get it repaired, menawhile you can used downstair bathroom if you have any problem with that upstair bathroom.
Anil says “ No, No its OK but he will keep it mind for the same that such incident should not happen again.
Bhabhi smiled and said OK. Then she asked about the girlfriends from Anil. Anil replied no bhabhi no girlfriend, I don’t have time for that means convincing the girl and running behind them and ultimately have sex with them and then left them.”
Bhabhi asked Anil “ What do you mean? You don’t have interest for Sex”
Anil replied “ No, No its not like that, I am more interested in sex but don’t want to waste time in Convincing the girl for the same. I fantisized more about sex, but I believe sex should be enjoyed with both partner interest and equal importance should be given to both satisfaction”
Bhabhi Said “ Means , tumhe paki pakai ladki chahihye, jo sex karne ko tayyar ho aur tumhe jyada patna bhi na pade, Kyon” and smiled. Anil also smiled.

Episode 4 : (Now story in Anil own words, also there are some hindi language written in english letters but easily understandable by Hindi speaking people)

Pintu joined us at 1’O clock and we all had lunch in Bhabhi’s upstair bedroom with AC. After Lunch we started playing Ludo. Bhabhi came back after finishing the Lunch used utensils cleaning. She wore a silky maxi coloured maroon till just below the knee. She was looking very sexy as her figure of 36- 28-26 was revealing from the maxi. She is having hieght of 5’ 3”, Very fair & slim with some what rounded square shape face. When she came for playing ludo she came on bed and sit with both leg folded so the maxi gets upward till just above the knee. Thus we both can see her sexy cleaned waxed legs very clearly and some time while playing we can see her clevage of sexy boobs.
Till 4’O Clock we played ludo and then Pintu left the house with bag for going to village for marriage ceremony. Meanwhile during the Ludo session Bhaiya’s phone has come and he informed about going tomorrow morning to indore at early morining and he will be coming late in the evening as he has to prepare for that tour. He then spoke with Anil and said stay here till next coming staurday and he will get his ticked reserved and also will inform to his Parents as well for the same.
After pintu left the house I watch the TV and then slept for a while and woked up by 7’O clock. Bhabhi woked me up and says lets have tea with Chowmein. Then we had chowmein and tea and little more talk. I asked her how you people sleep when we don’t have power. Bhabhi replied the Terrace with Misquito Net. I says Ok and then we moved to terrace. I saw two single bed Cot with Rods attached for Mosquito net arrangement. Then I said today I will sleep here only as I enjoyed sleeping on Terrace in open air. She says OK will keep the bed ready at night for the same.
Bhabhi’s bhaiya came at Night by 9:30 PM and we had dinner together and he informed me that your ticket is booked and he has informed to my Parents for the change in plan. He also said that you can use the bike for going to exam centre and also can used our car if bhabhi and you want see lucknow for roaming purpose. Then we departed for sleeping and while going upward to terrace bhaiya said “Good night, Bhabhi ka dhyan rakhna and all the best for the exams.”
I enjoyed my sleep as I kept fantisizing bhabhi for having wild sex with me in dreams. During night I removed my Bermuda and baniyan and was sleeping completely naked & nude. In early morning I just had one bedsheet over myself. Bhabhi came to terrace and started waking me up by calling my name and saying wake up !! wake up !!. She then removed the mosquito net and started removing my bedsheet as I was sleeping naked & nude and in morning dick always used to tight becausing of pissing urge, she saw me complete naked with my huge dick erected. She then put the bed sheet back and says she is going to bathroom and then come back soon downwards as the Sun will be over head very soon. The morning cold breeze woked me somewhat at the time when bhabhi removed my bedsheet over me. I woke up and started looking for my bermuda and baniyan but not found anywhere then I just wraped the bedsheet and moved towards downward. I pushed the first floor bathroom and then agin I saw my bhabhi completley naked taking shower bath standing in sexy pose Her very very milky boobs fully exposed and her black underwear going downwards backside just behind the hips so the hips were exposed and she was putting shampoo on her head. I saw that scene for some time and then I closed the door and gone downwards to ground floor and went inside the bathroom and pissed and got freshed up with Tooth brush. Meanwhile in bathroom I found bhabhi’s underwear silky Transparent light pink coloured. I wore that and came out of the Washroom again wrapping my self with Bed Sheet. Bhabhi has meanhwhile reached kitchen on gorundfloor I just asked bhabhi where is my bermuda and went inside the kitchen. She was looking more hot from behind as she has wore again a light Orange coloured half sleeve gown till just reaching Knee. Her Panty outlining was clearly visible with Bra as well. She has weared a thong type Panty where her ass was very much visible. She replied back by moving her head back that its kept in bathroom upstair and saw me in bedsheet wrapped around myself and then started laughing very loudly and teasing me with what you have done to you why this bedsheet you have wrapped around your self. I said Bhabhi you are very naughty you only have taken my bermuda and then laughing. She said then why you were sleeping naked and if Bhaiya could have come up then what could have happened. I said sorry to bhabhi for that. Then she asked me”Tell me is that the way you sleep at your home also.” I replied with “ No, Bhabhi, actually I saw some sexy dream and in that only I have taken out that bermuda & baniyan”. Bhabhi said then tell me the drean first, I said I don’t remember exactly” Then she asked whom you have fantisized , then I said “ You only , My dear bhabhi” and run upstair to bathroom. She said “you nauhty boy” with mischievious smile.

I took the bath after masterbating and wore the bermuda and baniyan, read the newspaper. Then, Bhabhi called me downstair for Breakfast. While having breakfast she kept on probong what I have seen in dream and I kept that thing in myself by answering some execusable reasons. Then she said what time my exam is there today, I told at 3:00 PM till 6:00 PM. Then, she told by what time you can be here then I said maximum by 6:30 to 7:00 PM. She said that after your exams get over, lets go to some movie in town by car and will have dinner outside. I said fine. Then she said she will booked the ticket for 7:30 PM show in the nearby Mall. I said OK. Then I studied something and then left the house after the lunch by 1:30 PM. I came back after the exam by 6:30 PM only. Bhabhi was not ready by that time, she said you just watch Tv for sometime meanwhile I get ready. I started watching Tv kept at ground floor Drawing hall. After few minutes I purposely started climbing the upstair for going to toilet upwards , as I reach the First floor I found the door was completely open and found bhabhi wearing a bra from behind. She was facing the dressing mirror and I was just seeing from the door’s corner. She was wearing a red coloured bra and below her navel she wore some white skirt till her legs. Then she wore a yellow Top T shirt with V neck. She was loooking very hot. I then went inside and says wow bhabhi you are looking very sexy. Then she says “thankyou my dear Anil. Lets go to movie then meanwhile you take out the car from the garage.”
I took out the car and she came back after sometime after closing all the doors and locked the home. Also Informed the neighbour that they are going out for some shopping and will be coming late so please look after the home meanwhile. They said OK. We reached the mall by 7:15PM and we went inside the hall and the movie was “ Basic Instinct -2”. I asked bhabhi this movie how come you are interested in this kind of movie. She said “she is very fond of watching english movie in theatre, but your bhaiya has no interest in movies and very rarely they go for such kind of movie. Some time along with Pintu she has come for watching only hindi movies”. But then I asked its Ok that you have interest in English movies but do you know about this particular movie “Basic Instinct-2”. She replied that she has seen “Basic Instinct 1” in her college days and thus very much interested to see this movie Part two. We enjoyed the movie had popkorn in between and some few moments when accidently I pressed her boobs and thighs, yes very much intensily. We took the dinner in the same mall and came back home by 11 PM. When we reached there were no power, but as the invertor was there so we went to upstair room. I changed to Bermuda and Baniyan and bhabhi went to bathroom and came out with a light green color gown full length. I proposed bhabhi for lets go to Terrace as there will be good breeze. She said OK. We went to Terrace and put the bedings on Floor only. We leid down for some time. Then Bhabhi asked me about my dream again and I replied bhabhi I dreamed of having sex with you” just in frustration so that she stoped asking about the same. But then she asked how? It was really enticining and exciting. I told I can’t tell in words. Then I asked to change the topic. She asked then “How you like the movie and what all you like” . I replied with “ Yes the movie was Ok not that much great as the first one and scenes were hot that’s what I like in that movie”. Then I asked her “when you have interest in English movie then bhaiya and you must be enjoying your sex in bed.” She said “yes we enjoyed but your bhiaya’s dick is just 6” and not as long as yours”. I was surprised to heard that and asked when did you saw mine. She said yesterday after bath and in bathroom and also today morning in bed. Then she said your wife or girlfriend will be lucky to have such big one. I said nothing but inside I was saying ” even you can have it too”.

Then the power came by 1:00 PM and Bhabhi asked me to come lets go to room and switch on the AC, I said I am OK here only but she took my hand pulled me for going downwards. Finely we went to downward and switch on the AC and lie down on bed with night lamp on. Finally we slept as we were tired of movie, driving and heavy food. I was at one corner and Bhabhi was on another corner.
The Interesting Fuckinf Session started:-
In between I woke for pissing and when came back bhabhi’s gown was slightly upward as she has bend her one leg and was lying in the middle of the bed and her head was towrads my side. I watched her sexy legs for some time and then I came back to my position. I lied in such a position that my mouth is very near by to bhabhi’s boobs and its nipples. Slowly slowly I moved near to her boobs and then suddenly she preseed my head against her boobs and I was completely aghasted by that surprise action but then I started biting and sucking her boobs by my mouth over her gown only. She started moaning and starting emitting sound like eshhhhhhhhhhhhh eshhhhhhhhhh and pressed hard my head towards her boobs. I some how started searched her bare body just above the gown and started licking her body just above the boobs and moved slowly slowly downward towards her cleavage and through my tongue only somehow I reached till her boobs below the bra and gown and finally reached the hard sharp nipples it was of size of our small finger tips and starting licking her nipples of One boobs in circular motion and in between I bite her nipples and then she just jumped like she got a current shock and enjoyed. I started taking her nipples inside outside form my mouth and some time takes large portion of boobs along with nipples.
She got excited and then suddenly she lifted her gown upwards till the boobs and put her hand in her panty and start massaging her pussy. I lifted her gown fully and opened up her bra and started sucking her boobs and nipples harder and harder with my both hand pressing & squeezing the boobs like eating mango. She was enjoying all that things and making many different exciting sounds like “shhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhh aeeeeeeeee aur dabao please aur dabao.” Maine Bhabhi ke hothon pe apne lips rakh ke upar upar unke lower lips suck karne laga aur unki jeebh mere monh ko kholne ki koshish karte hua andar chali aaye aur unhone mere jeebh ko apne monh ke andar kheech liya aur ushe choosne lagi. Then she starting sucking my lower lips and I was sucking her lower lips. What a taste and fragrance was coming like sucking hard jelly with lipstick smell and then I started sucking her tongue harder and harder. My hands by the time were working harder by working out on her beautifully 36” sized fully grown brown circle around her nipples of the both boobs. Then maine ek haath unke boobs dabana chalo rakha aur doosra haath maine panty ke under dal diya aur jor jor se unki clean shaved pussy ke lips ko masalne laga aur ek ungli andar bahar karne laga. Phir maine doosri ungli bhi andar dali aur bhabhi kaafi excite ho gayi thi aur unki pussy se paani nikalne laga. Main thoda utha aur bhabhi ke muh ki taraf apna bermuda nikal kar land latka kar unke upar chad gaya dono tange unke side par rakh ke unko seedha leta kar. Aur unki panty nikal ke phenk di jisme bhabhi ne meri madad ki usay apne tango se nikalne ke liye aur gown nikal diya bra ke saath hi, aur apni jeebh se pussy lick karne laga aur paron ko aur chowda kar ke taki chooth upar ubhar aaye aur aoni jeebh jitni andar chali jaye dalne laga aur lips moonh main le kar andar tak le kar andar bahar karne laga. Ab hum dono pooray nange thay aur mirror main bahut hi madak kamasutra 69 ke pose main thay. Uske clitoris ko kata aur joor se suck kiya to usne excitement main mera lund apne moonh main lekar choosne lagi. Chooste waqt uske dant lag rahe thay par usme bhi maja aa raha tha.
Main pagalon ki tarah unko pussy ko chat raha tha aur wo kafi awwazen nikal rahin thi mera lund moonh main liye huay hi like ommmmmmmmmm Omaaannnnnnnnn ughhhhhhhh. Phir main utha aur bola “bas bhabhi” toh wo boli “nahin Anil pls ab na satao aur mujhe apni bade ling se chodo na please.” Maine unki taange chowdi ki poori seedhi V shape main aur apna ling chooth main laga kar pahale chooth ke lips pe upar neeche kiya phir dheere se dhaka mara to ling andar 5” tak chala gaya aur bhabhi chilayee oooouchhhhhhhhh. Aur boli “ Anil beta dhire dhire” Maine phir apna lauda nikala poora aur ek jordar jhatake mara jisese ki mera poora 8” lauda poora ka poora andar chala gaya aur bahut hi mast sa ahsaas hua par bhabhi bhi jordar cheekhi “aaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeshhhhhhhhhhhhh ufff mar gayi re. Chod dalo apni bhabhi ko, chod dalo aaj ish choot ko phaad dalo mere raja “ ye sun kar main aur excite ho gaya Phir maine dheere dheere lauda andar bahar karna shooro kiya. Maine uski ek taang seedhi ki phir doosri seedhi ki aur seedha let kar ush ke upar usay chodneay laga aur apna moonh se uske boobs ke nipples ko choosne laga bhabhi bahut hi excite ho rahi thi aur neeche se gaand uchaal uchaal kar de rahi thi. Aur bolo ja rahi thi “Anil aur chodo mujhe aur chodo.” Phir bhabhi mere upar aa gayi aur kood kood kar mere lund pe uchalne lagi maine bhi unke uchalte goobare jaise boobs pakde aur dabane laga aur phir wo thodi der main mere upar nidhal ho gayi, mera nahin nikala tha to maine necche se jor jor se marne shooron ki unki choot ko aur thodi der main mera bhi nikal gaya. Phir hum dono nange hi so gaye.
Subah annkh khuli to bhabhi ko nanga paya aur mera phir excite ho gaya. Main bhabhi ki peeth se chipak gaya kyonki wo ek side pe karvat kar ke soo rahi thi aur peeche se laowda dalne laga aur jab lawda andar chala gaya to main peeche se hi ek haath se gannd aur ek haath se boobs pakad kar side se hi lete lete peeche se unki chooth marne laga aur thodi der baad hi mera aur unka ek saath jhad gaya. Phir hum log ek saath hi bathroom gaye aur ek saath hi nahaye nahate waqt bhi main excite ho gaya aur unke boobs ko suck karne laga toh wo bhi mere lowda apni moonh main lekar suck karne lagi. Maine phir bhabhi ko Dewar ke shahare khada kiya aur khade khade hi laowda chooth main dala aur unko gond main utha kar shot marne laga phir thode der me main western toilet par baith gaya aur wo mere upar se chooth ko apni mere lauda ke supade par rakha aur upar neeche koodne lagi. Nahate nahate hum logon ka do baar jhad gaya. Nahane ke baad hum logon ne nanage hi nashate kiya aur nange hi phir se so gaye.

Ek baje aank khuli to maine dekha ki babhi nahin hai aur neeche gaya to wo lunch bana rahi thi aur unhona bina bra aur panty ke ek sexy sa chota sa light blue color ka gown pahna tha jo ki keval gaand tak hi aa raha tha. Vo bahut hi sexy lag rahi thi mera phir khada ho gaya aur maine bermuda utara aur unhe peeche se lapak liya, to wo boli Anil chodo na kkhana banane do mere se raha nahin ja raha tha to main unke gale main ek joordar kissing aur sucking session chaloo kar diya aur peeche se hi khade khade land unki chhoth main dalane laga par ja nahin raha tha to main kamar pakad ki peeche khhencha aur phir unko saath walay kamaray main le gaya aur soofe par ulta baitha diya unke chooche sofe par the ghhotne mat par maine unki taange peeche se phalayi aur lauda dal diya andar aur choochi pakad ke marne laga shot shot pe shot laghbagh cooker ke ek seeti baji to mera thodi der main jhad gaya aur unka bhi mere se thodi der pehle jhada tha. Wo uthi aur mujhe kiss pe kiss kari ja rahi thi to cooker ki doosri seti baj gayi aur wo boli ki tum bahut hi sexy ho aur jo bhi tum se karvayega hamesha satisfied hi rahega.

Agale din mera exam tha par humne poora din laghbhabg 10-12 bar har angle main choodai ki, BF laga kar har angle main. Exam ke baad hum log lucknow ghhomne gay, Ambedkar bagh main bhi maine unki choodai ki, Lucknow ki bhoolnhulayi main bhi ki, Apni chat par nange nange soye aur Friday tak khoob chudai ki. Saturday ko bhaiya aa gaye aur Sunday ko Pintu bhi aa gaya. Sunday ko mujhe sab log lucknow station par chodne aaye aur jatae jaate bhabhi ne sab ke saame mujhe gale lagaya aur cheek aur mathe par kiss kiya aur unki aankhon main aasun aa agaya maine bye bye karte Train se chal pada apne ghar savita bhabhi ki ek hafta full chudai ki yaadon ke saath.. Aray ye kya train main ek ladki choti si height par boobs kurte se yon jhalak rahe the ki bas. Raat main train ka intzaam bhi ho gaya. Par ye story phir kabhi…………

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